Tuesday 23 March 2010

Five Faves

I'm attempting to join a meme started by Pip at www.meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com I hope that I get it right and we link over. If not please go and check out her blog she does lots of fun things and always includes everyone.

Pip's suggested that we list our five favourite things for the week. So here are my five favourite foodie things. I haven't mentioned all the happy family and friend things that I've already spoken about this week, they go without saying.

1. Number one has got to be these six (well I just photo'd three of them) simple good white china bowls that I got for a song at 50 pence each! As you'll probably be able to tell by the header image I have a bit of a thing for white china. They were especially good as I bought them after catching up for supper and a long chat with a friend.

2. Discovering Fog Linens the most amazing online shop that sells all things beautiful .......I think I'd almost enjoy washing the dishes if I was wearing this apron!

You can find them on http://www.foglinen.com/ I really recommend checking out the catalogue online if only for the amazing images.

3. Was hearing that thud on the doormat that means a present has been delivered.....one of my three lovely sisters had decided to surprise me and sent me this cool coffee cosy that she made out of vintage Laurah Ashley fabric that was inspired by the textles of the Bloomsbury Artists. They lived at a beautiful old farmhouse called Charleston in Sussex near where she lives, and is one my favourite places to visit.

You can get one for yourself and check out lots of other cool stuff on http://www.thecosybag.com/

4. Was discovering an emporium, jam packed to the ceiling with all kinds of goodies from India, Asia and the Caribbean on my doorstep.....well a ten minute drive away....Crammed pack with bags of beans and jar of pickles and pastes, home made breads and fresh herbs. And every time you turn a corner there's more....

5. My fifth favourite thing (by no means in any order) hasn't happened yet but the discovery that it is about to, was one of my favourite things last week......does that make sense to anyone but me?
What I'm trying to say is that the first episode of The Delicious Miss Dahl is due to air tonight and I can't wait.......I'm expecting so much that I hope it lives up to my expectation.........I think it's something to do with sneak preview pictures of the kitchen she will be using.........and of course the beautiful Miss D or should that be Mrs. C?


  1. Oh! yes I do love those 'foglinen' aprons too.

  2. Me too......I could buy out the whole store....

  3. I love The Delicious Miss Dahl, it's refreshing to watch something that just makes you feel good. And I agree, her kitchen is gorgeous! The programme's got a lot of bad press, people saying she shouldn't be allowed to have a cooking show, and that it's a complete sham, which makes me very annoyed - I think she's just lovely! And the programme is so poetic.

  4. I totally agree with you Hannah, I really love it despite all the bad reviews. I've even taped it and rewatched it a couple of times already. I just love the languid way she does everything and the links with literature....