Tuesday 30 March 2010

Aunty's Pear Cake?

The Aunty's Apple Cake went down so well that I decided to make another one but this time using pears as we had a bit of a glut. It worked really well. I used gluten free flour again although it will work with wholemeal or just ordinary Self Raising Flour.

The pears made a sweeter alternative to the slightly sharp apples. I found a jar of mixed spice in the cupboard...I can't remember where it's from but think it might be Persian, intended for savoury food, one of my sister-in-laws must have given it to me. I could smell cinnamon in it, and fennel because it had a kind of liquorishy aroma. I added a teaspoonful of this into the cake mix but stuck to cinnamon with the sugar topping. I think it tasted even better than the apple one.

It's especially nice when eaten from a piece of my little grandmother's china .....that I think actually came from china........ although the ladies look Japanese....

You can link to the recipe here

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