Sunday 13 June 2010

The Envelope Project Induces an Amelie Moment.

In the end I decided not to use the handmade envelope I'd made for the envelope project. It was a bit fragile with all that stitching and stuff..... I was worried things might spill has such a long way to go, about ten and a half thousand miles, give or take a few.
So I rejigged a stronger one with a printed stamp from a bit of the old 18c text. Got the baby of my old typewriter family out to type Pip's address........stuck the stamps on........

Got together some things I'd been collecting in a cigar box, like letter stickers and a little Coptic bound book I'd made, some ribbon, and lace I dyed antique grey when I was dyeing a dress, a handmade card and some vintage butterfly tea cards. Then posted it off.
This is such a fun project to join in. I couldn't help but think of the tin box Amelie discovers behind a loose tile in her bathroom wall. When she opens it, its full of ephemera obviously belonging to a little boy.....she decides to search for their owner and give him back his lost treasures....thinking this will make him happy. She decides that if she's successful she'll devote the rest of her life to making people happy. I think Pip is doing a bit of an Amelie with this project.....

It reminds me of the tin we buried as children in our grandparent's garden. My big sister inspired by too much Famous Five decided that we would be the 'famous four' and should sign our names in blood on a piece of paper and then bury it for we pricked our fingers with a pin......thankfully avoided getting tetanus......ooh that sounds really weird when you actually write it down......

You can watch Amelie find the old tin box on

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