Thursday 17 June 2010

Fathers Day

This Sunday, June 20th is the first day of summer in the UK and also Fathers Day. So that's two cool things to celebrate, the beginning of summer and the person that was my clever, generous, kind, handsome father.

The person who would whiten his hair with flour and dress up as a mad professor to do a Danny Kaye impression at a children's party for us, that challenged Rolf Harris to a live didgeridoo play-off on the local TV channel, and turned up, even though RH (not surprisingly) didn't.
Who invented and made a jet engine that ran on steam. Who was a designer and an artist and could read a book on anything and then do it. Who could fly a plane, although he couldn't drive a car....and was the best tucker upper in bed and bringer of hot-water bottle if you had a tummy ache, in the world............except of course the other best father in the world.....and that's my daughter's......

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