Monday 12 July 2010

The Cosy Bag Company

I'm really excited because Becky of the Cosy Bag Company has asked me to design a poster for her upcoming events. She makes lovely individual bags and cosies in all shapes and sizes. Like a coffee cosy for my cafetiere made from vintage Laura Ashley fabric that was inspired by textiles of the Omega workshops. Which she just told me, I've been using back-to-front! The velcro or button section goes under the handle.

She's even prepared to custom-make to your own requirements in new or vintage fabrics and just managed to source a supply of 1960's and 70's prints. I've posted a couple of images of ones that I like. I love these simple neutral coloured bags but still haven't quite made up my mind which one I'm going to have. But there are lots more colourful things and she does laundry bags and cosmetic bags and things for kiddies. She's even just started a new venture running a variety of half, and full day workshops in West Sussex where she lives, and provides lovely home-made lunches...mmm

But why not check it out for yourself you can see all the lovely things that she makes over on her website at I'm not sure how Becky manages to do all this as well as having a full-time job! She took time out of her busy schedule to give an interview so that we can share some of her secrets and find out how the business came about and where she hopes to be twelve months from now.

The other exciting thing is that Becky is going to do a giveaway for a special person any where in the world as well as an offer that everyone can take advantage of........I can't wait to let you know more.

I'll be back soon with both...I best get on with my drawing!

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