Wednesday 7 July 2010

Fasta Pasta

After a quick dash around the Antique Market last Thursday and a lovely indulgent, if brief, time in The Ashmolean, 'H' and I grabbed a quick lunch at Fasta Pasta in The Covered Market. It was really good. So much nicer that it's name! It's really a deli but they do big bowls of steaming, freshly made real pasta and amazing sandwiches (well so 'H' tells me.) It reminds me a bit of those little shops that you get in Munich. They always seem to be really well lit with warm lighting, and beautifully decorated, with cakes and hams and sausages and sweetcorn hanging up, that draw you in like a moth to a candle. The customers stand outside at small, high tables eating massive sausages in really good bread, dripping with mustard.

Anyway back to Fasta Pasta, (I really don't like that name)... they use a choice of Italian breads, traditional ingredients like Proscuitto, Mozzarella or a host of other cheeses and charcuterie and freshly made pesto or sun dried tomatoes. They also have a great selection of beautifuly packaged olive oils and sweets, lovely. My only criticism is that they don't do coffee........

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