Wednesday 7 July 2010

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Caz who writes the lovely Bird With The Golden Seed blog, where she's inspired by family and food; craft and creativity; books and writing. I'm going to have a go at answering her questions.....but don't forget to go on over there and check hers out too....

1. If you had to spend three consecutive days on the same train who would you want with you and why?

Oh this is a good one......three days is a long time so you could go somewhere interesting. Could I go on the Orient Express? .....ooh or the Indian Hill Railway? I'd want to go with someone who was a good traveller and interesting, but not someone who would talk for the whole three days! So it's a no-brainer, I couldn't go without 'A,' he's my best friend and loves railway journeys. And 'H' whose been a great traveller ever since she was a tiny little girl and came everywhere with us. She's good company and fun. Oh and her boyfriend I think he'd be up for the adventure too, and he's cool and intelligent. It would be good have some music, so I'd ask my nephew and his friend if they were free, cos they are great musicians and we could have a party......

2. Have you ever had a sewing related injury? Give gory details! If not any irrational fears?

I don't think I've ever sewn without piercing myself and drawn blood, usually resulting in little red blots on whatever I'm making, but nothing major. As for irrational fears.....I'm not so keen on water....but that's hardly irrational as I don't swim very well and it doesn't stop me stepping on a boat. Spiders, I love and I'm OK with heights, although I wouldn't want to bungee jump or do a sky dive.....but I don't think that's irrational either...... I don't have wings. My teeny weeny phobia is of confined spaces. At school, everyone would take it in turns to hide in a big cupboard at the front of the classroom in the geography lesson but nothing could make me sit inside that little square box.....and I still have to check out the exits in Debenhams and panic when I discover that what I thought was the down escalator is actually going up!

3. What wouldn't you be caught dead in?

Lemon yellow

4. What garment/accessory do you wear the most?

In the winter my big old (well size 4, so not that big) Doc Martin Boots or at the moment I live in some comfy flat roman sandals. Ooh and my cute little black blazer with badges on the lapel that goes with anything from a floaty dress to jeans or combats..........oh and my worn-out old vintage doctors bag.

5. Which pattern/vintage style have you been thinking about recently?

I'm looking for a vintage top that's really pretty in lace or silk, but not too fussy. Something I could wear with really masculine trousers or jeans and a chunky mans watch. I tried on an old silk Russian blouse yesterday, it wasn't quite right....but it's fun looking. I also really like those 1920's two-tone shoes and I found a lovely pair of kid Victorian lace-up boots on Etsy, but they weren't my size............ not sure about the 'kid' bit though.....

6. What is one place you really want to visit that you haven't been to before?

That's another easy one. I'd love to go to Iran. I know exactly where I'd like to stay. The Hotel Kandovan in Tabriz. It's made out of dwellings that were carved into the mountains up to seven hundred years ago. It looks such a magical place.

7. What do you wear when you want to impress?

Make-up. I'm not very good at putting it on though, so if it's somewhere really special I ask my sister-in-law, who is a whizz at it, or 'H.' I love 5o's style eyeliner and I have a 'Fire' red Channel lipstick for special occasions. And I'm nuts about perfume, and can never throw a perfume bottle away. There's just something so old-fashioned grown-up about lovely cosmetics and perfume.
8.Who is your favourite literary character and why?

It's a bit of a toss-up for me this one. The novel, has to be 'To Kill A Mocking Bird' but I can't decide which character I like best. If Atticus Finch was a real man he would just be my absolute hero. Wise and kind, yet firm with a sense of humour and just a little sadness and very clever. But then I just love Scout. She is such a little imp.

9. Which handmade project are you most proud of?

The most recent one is a lampshade made from vintage woven maps.

10. What was the best date you've ever been on?

Not sure if this counts because it's after we were married. Our first anniversary in St. Marks Square in Venice. I just remember a balmy evening and music playing in the crowded square there was something magical in the air and we spontaneously danced and didn't care who watched


  1. That hotel looks amazing. More things we have in common with the problem with confined space and love of red lipstick! Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions - I hope you had fun. Now you just have to decide who to tag next?

    I've had a bit of trouble commenting on your site again but have been reading everything and particularly loved the post about the power of smells to evoke the past. Pine needles do it for me every time. They take me straight back to primary school where we had a large pine plantation and of course to old-fashioned Aussie Christmases with decorated pine trees drying out at an alarming rate in the corner of the lounge room.

  2. It was great fun thanks Caz. I'm still waiting for a response from people that I've approached about tagging.

    What a lovely memory about the pine needles,,,they conjure up Christmas for me too.