Monday 2 August 2010

Free Love

I'm probably the only person with an interest in making things, who didn't know who Amy Butler is! That's until I was posting something on my other blog this morning about British artist Susan Stockwell, who recently had a quilt exhibited at the V & A Museum in London. That's when I noticed that a free download of her hexagonal quilt pattern was featured on their website. You can link to it here sexy hexy love quilt pattern. Isn't that kind of her?

I did a bit of research and found that she designs textiles, stationary, wallpaper and does amazing dressmaking patterns, and used to contribute to Country Living magazine. But you probably know all about her. If not you can read more here.

She has even more free pdf downloads of fun things to make like more quilts, scarves, yoga bags, necklaces, the cute little cat cushions. She also sells lovely patterns I'm going to send for the sandalwood jacket one. I saw a really cool lady wearing a similar one with turned up jeans and a little blouse on the Antique Market and have been searching all the vintage stalls for one since then, with no luck.

You can link to her free downloads below.

I've just discovered, that not surprisingly, she has an amazing house....I'll definitely be doing a posting about that soon......

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