Sunday 8 August 2010

It's On!

I'm so excited. It's been on and off over the last few months. Fingers crossed it's going ahead. One of my sisters 'P' and her husband 'J' are actually moving from Chester, to Jericho in Oxford, and we can't wait.

She's an artist too and paints big oil paintings on canvas like this one in our study, that we really love. Very different from my work. Hopefully we'll be able to collaborate together, at last.
They came bearing gifts, she'd bought a beautiful quirky lopsided basket for me, Cuban cigars for 'A' .......
..........and she'd made this amazing bag for H.
So we've had a busy few days looking at property and talking for England, with lots of coffee stops on the way...
......and the odd bowl of soup.....but we were good and resisted the cakes!

...I wish my other sisters could come too.........

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