Sunday 1 August 2010

Making Dens

I picked up a free copy of the Metro newspaper whilst in London and loved reading the article about boutique caravans, 'It's carry on glamping' by Lisa Scott, which you can read by clicking here.

If you're not familiar with the expression glamping, it refers to 'glamorous camping' which along with 'staycations' is the thing to do in the UK at the moment, I think everywhere else, too. Partly influenced by the recession and an attempt to economise, but also to avoid environmentally damaging plane trips and thus reduce our carbon footprint.

So a holiday in a Tepee or Yurt with even textile designers like Jasper Conran, Celia Birtwell and Cath Kidston designing tents is no-longer just for anoraks!

I think that it's a lovely idea, along with the pop-up shop and the pop-up restaurant.....which hasn't quite reached Oxford yet....unless it's so underground that even I haven't heard anything about it......maybe I should get the ball rolling.....

I think these are all great idea. I love the concept of making my own tent. I did actually make one by hand and sewing machine for an installation that was part of my Degree show work. But wouldn't it be beautiful to crochet one, or make it out of patchwork....ooh Oh, but what about the rain. It could be an indoor one if like us you're having a staycation........what fun to camp in the dining room.......

These are cool websites to check out if you're interested in vintage sounds such fun....

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