Friday, 27 August 2010

Mary Berry's All-in-one Victoria Sponge Cake

I've been getting a little bit lazy when it comes to cake making recently. It's so easy to make one using Mary Berry's all-in-one tray bake recipe. I can adapt it in so many ways and just mix everything in one bowl.

The last time someone asked me to make a Victoria sponge I used the same method just baking it in two sponge tins instead of a tray and then layering with strawberry jam and double cream sweetened with a little icing sugar. But it was spotted. 'This isn't a Victoria Sponge' someone said. 

So I decided to make a proper Victoria Sponge yesterday and looked up a recipe expecting to have to separate eggs and whisk and fold in. But guess what? I found that Mary Berry has an all-in-one Victoria Sponge recipe too! Easy as pie. Well as sponge cake. You can link to her recipe here. As usual it proved to be fool proof.

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