Wednesday 4 August 2010

More Bargain Finds at KOA

I couldn't resist popping into the village charity shop again this morning. I'm so pleased with my finds, and all for £6! Three bundles of cotton lace that I think may be handmade, a little basket, a pretty little silk georgette handkerchief, a bevelled mirror, a brand new cooking pot, without a lid, but if I can't use it for cooking I can plant something in it, and it's a lovely shade of green; and last but not least a coronation tea tin made by E.I & Co Ltd in Shipley Yorkshire. I think it's circa 1936 and I love it. It's got George VI and all his family pictured on it. The Queen Mother and her daughters look so pretty. I'm not sure what I'll keep in it. Probably not tea as it smells a bit musty. Maybe paintbrushes.


  1. That's a fantastic haul. All of them individually beautiful but also beautiful together.

  2. Thanks Katie, I've been really lucky with my finds recently.