Monday 9 August 2010

Sohie Dahl's Sea Bass with black olive salsa and baby courgettes.

Well I kept my promise didn't I? No more Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights until after Monday. Well that was last Monday but I can't resist any longer. Last night in bed whilst planning what to make for tonight's supper (believe me I'm not usually that organised) and mentally going through the contents of the freezer, remembered the Sea Bass, and just happened to have MDVD by the side of the bed. Then accidentally flicked through to the index at the back and there they were, two sea bass recipes. I just knew she'd have one. Haven't I told you before that we have twin fridge contents!

The options were: Sea bass in tarragon and wild mushroom sauce in the Autumn supper section (p58) or Sea bass with black olive salsa and baby courgettes in the Spring suppers (p179).

The ingredients in the first recipe are a little too special for a week day supper. It contains both cream and Pernod. So I opted for the Sea Bass with black olives. It's made with the ingredients in the title along with lemon juice, basil, chilli, tomatoes and dill. I had everything except the dill. You can find Sophie's recipe by clicking here if you would like to make it try it for yourself.

But then decided the courgettes were too tiny to cut and so had carrots and bubble and may sound like an odd combination but believe me it was delicious and is definitely something I will repeat. I think that makes it the fourth thumbs up to Miss Dahl.

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