Thursday 16 September 2010

I'm On A Bread Roll

I'm back on a roll again! Since making spelt bread last week, I've just made my third batch! I've got the momentum going that I had last winter. The recipe I use is really easy and the actual process so therapeutic that I can't imagine why I ever stopped.

As I've used the same recipe for the third time in two weeks I thought I'd be a bit more imaginative with the shapes.

I think I was more than a little inspired by watching The Great British Bake Off last week that had a bread theme. The contestants conjured up the most amazing rolls made with all kinds of tasty sweet and savoury ingredients, and then plaited and rolled them into awesome shapes.

I used Dove Farm Spelt flour this time and doubled the quantities using the recipe here. Making a twist and some small rolls, that I topped with seeds and oats. I don't know whether it was because I made rolls instead of large loaves, or the difference in flour, but these had an even better texture than the last, a little more crisp on the outside but still soft and light inside.

They were delicious with homemade vegetable soup. Made by sauteing sliced red onions, a crushed garlic clove, sliced celery sticks and red and yellow peppers in olive oil. Then adding tomato puree, diced potatoes, baby cherry tomatoes, garden herbs, sea salt and fresh black pepper and then topping up with boiling water. Then simply bringing everything to the boil and simmering for about twenty minutes until all the vegetables were thoroughly cooked. Adjusting the seasoning as necessary and then serving with a little grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. (I just love the sing-songiness of that word!) Most soup recipes call for the use of stock cubes, but I think that if you use good fresh ingredients and season well that they aren't necessary and can actually overtake the flavour of the vegetables. But a Nigel Slater tip that I have yet to try is to add the Parmesan rind to your soup whilst it's cooking. Apparently it imparts a lovely deep un-cheesy flavour!

Mmm, there's nothing better for a rainy late summer lunch than garden vegetable soup and home made bread....and the house just smells amazing........


  1. Hello Debby - thanks very much for this recipe as I have been looking for a spelt one for ages - can never get it to rise properly. Do you use white spelt flour or brown?

    Best wishes, Jane

  2. Hi Jane, I'm sorry that I've only just spotted your comment.

    I prefer using wholemeal spelt flour because it has such a lovely nutty flavour. I've used a number of brands but so far have had the best results with Dove Farm Wholemeal Spelt flour. It seems to rise much better and produce a much lighter bread than the others I've used so far...but I'll keep experimenting with flour from other mills.

    I hope you have a go at this's so easy to use and it's really theraputic....

    I'm just going to make up a big batch now to last a few days.

    Thanks for coming over,