Friday 24 September 2010

A quick lunch yesterday.....

Stir fried rice made by:

  • Stir-frying the remaining cooked Basmati rice from Tuesday.
  • Sauteing mushrooms, sweet peppers, scallions (...doesn't that word always make you think of scoundrels or scallywags or even scullery?) well spring onions, chili and grated ginger root, in olive oil.
  • Cracking in an egg and mixing thoroughly until cooked
  • Removing from the heat and adding a little Nam Pla and soy sauce then drizzling with a little sesame oil and topping with sesame seeds...if you have any....I didn't and all agreed it was a really tasty lunch
Oh in case you're sick of me playing with my new tea set....that's positively the last time I'm going to use them until Christmas ....I'm going to put them away right now.....ooh but just look how the light reflects off the gold.....It's almost magical......just like sunlight....

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