Friday, 29 October 2010

Something Fishy

My cooking routine has gone a bit haywire recently. I started a new job two weeks ago, I'll tell you more another day. I can have days off when I do the school artists residency so it fits in great. The hours really suit me's kind of to suit myself at the moment.... but mostly afternoon to early evening so I can do art work or housework and cook supper in the morning then work from two or three or maybe even later until seven or eight. So I'm kind of adjusting....and it was OK....that was until Wednesday....

...I got tempted to leave the lovely trout I was going to cook for supper and buy some fish from the chip shop in Jericho on my way home. We did at least have it with salad so it wasn't too unhealthy. I also had to try the Chai Steamer at The Jericho Cafe which is just as good as AMT and the Bakewell tart scrumptious. Another day I tried the amazing orange and chocolate marble cake at Manos Greek Deli Bar.....they don't do Chai steamer, but the cake is to die for, moist and chocolaty and orangey and they do a great range of teas...I had the green tea....and coffee

The fish thing was actually a really good strategy because 'A' whose on half term holiday this week cooked an amazing spicy, tomato, mushroom and potato, trout tagine for me the following was delicious.

But I may have to give trying out every cafe in Jericho a miss....I'm struggling a bit with my zip today...

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