Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Language of Persian Rugs

My trip to Ikea wasn't only useful on the Chinese lamp front. I also got lots of information about Persian carpets. I've been fascinated for a while to learn about the ways that women have used textiles over the centuries to communicate messages. From political emblems stitched into campaign quilts, or embroidered by artists like Faith Ringold to support the Civil Rights Movement, to the anti-Mafia slogans scribbled onto bed sheets and then draped from bedroom windows by the women of Palermo, Sicily. I'd also heard about women weaving them into Persian carpets and knew that there was a language to decipher and so was excited to see this massive information board in the carpet section.

I think I'll go and read our rugs......

....A beautiful little green bird is sitting on a branch just outside my window and keeps looking at me....I think it's a greenfinch....If the window was open I could touch soon as I try to photograph him he flies away....and he's just bumped into the window...which is horrible....poor little thing...I think I'd better stop trying...I don't want to be labelled as pretty bird paparazzi.....

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