Tuesday 28 December 2010

Best Christmas Ever

Sunny bright days, crispy white outside.......best people.....best food.....best fun.......we ate together..... baked together......and played together......talked til 2 or 3am .....then slept in late........

Ooh and some really cool presents too.....including these DVD's


  1. I packed the tree away last night. I love folding all those lovely decorations back into their boxes ready to be rediscovered at the end of next year.

  2. I know, I love getting them out each year. Sometimes I'm tempted to try something a little bit more sophisticated but when I unwrap them I have to put them on the tree....it wouldn't seem like Christmas without them.

    Although the head had finally fallen off the paper angel Hannah made when she was tiny, so I gave it a miss this year. I'll repair it when I pack everything away so she can be revived for next year.

  3. Based on those photos, it certainly looks like a great Christmas was enjoyed by all!

    I adore Bright Star ... it's one of my favourite DVDs - the visuals and amazing colours (aside from the story itself of course) are quite literally breathtaking ... lucky you!! :D

  4. Thanks Tracey it was amazing, really chilled out.

    Bright Star was one of my favourite films last year, so it was really sweet for my daughter's boyfriend to remember and buy it for me. I agree about the cinematography.... I just love the scene where Fanny makes a butterfly garden in her bedroom and the white washing blowing on Hampstead Heath....and I could go on. I loved the way Jane Campion directed, I don't think she over sentimentalised too much even though it's a really sad film.....it seemed to have kind of current feel to it.

    I never considered myself to be a great poetry reader but had to go out and get the works of John Keats as soon as I'd seen it.