Sunday, 19 December 2010

Let the Fun Begin

Yey.....I think I'm ready...I can't believe it.....I'm sure I must have forgotten something! The cards have all been posted, the presents are wrapped, the bird is ordered and the tree is decorated with our usual slightly over-the-top eclectic if a little bit kitsch style, this year with the addition of paper snowflakes. But most important of all H is home for Christmas. The roads were closed so we couldn't drive to London to pick her up but she braved the snow and caught a train and we managed to meet her from the station and talked till gone 2am last night.


  1. Christmas has crept up this year, hasn't it? Though it sounds like you're well organised ... I love the tree decorating look! :)

  2. I know.....a couple of days ago I suddenly started panicking thinking I'd never be organised in time. Then I realised that it's meant to be a holiday and family and friends time and that it didn't matter if everything wasn't perfect and suddenly everything seemed to come together......or maybe I just ignored a few thinks I wasn't able to do.

    I hope you have a super holiday.