Thursday 13 January 2011

Kind of half listening to the radio whilst doing stuff this morning my ears pricked up at the mention of 'Fruitlands: The Alcott Family and the Search for Utopia' by Richard Francis. It discusses the short time that Louisa May Alcott's family lived in a kind of utopian experiment. It actually uses the diaries of Louisa May and other members for information. It sounds fascinating. I love that family.......well I think I do, I'll know more about them when I've read the book.

But as usual I digress. A google search found me the book, but also what looks like a cool website indibound that has lots of interesting reading group suggestions. Like Barbara Kingsolver's new novel Lacuna set in 1930's to 50's Mexico. But you'll never guess where! In the home of Diego Rivera and Freida Khalo! I'm a big Khalo fan. Apparently the main protaganist is a young Mexican-America man who "mixes plaster for the muralist, types letters for Leon Trotsky, and befriends Frida."

I'm already a Kingsolver fan after reading 'Prodigal Summer' so I can't wait to read this. Especially after reading this critique: The Lacuna is a solid example of Kingsolver's expertise in combining politics and fiction. The philosophy of Communism and the innate need for freedom of expression raise their demanding fists in this young man's story, and they won't let the reader go."- Dianne Patrick, Snowbound Books, Marquette, MI


  1. Sounds really interesting ... I've only read Kingsolver's non-fiction and short stories, so I already know I like the way she writes ... and the setting of 'Lacuna' (both time and place) sounds pretty wonderful to me too! :)

  2. I know......I can't wait to get both novels.....I do hope I'm not expecting too much again.....