Monday 3 January 2011

Nice New Product - Well new to me!

This is new to me. Not one to buy ready-made cakes or fruit bread, I picked this up before Christmas to pop in the freezer because it was half price and thought it would be handy if we ran out of cakes over the holidays. It's Rankin Wheat free Cinnamon and Raisin Soda Loaf. When I opened the packet the aroma of cinnamon was amazing and so was the loaf. It was covered with a dusting of icing sugar and felt a little heavy. The packet suggest eating it with butter, but it wasn't necessary thanks to the addition of Irish buttermilk which made the loaf soft and moist and a little crumbly.....really delicious, and very more-ish!

I checked the ingredients (which I usually do before buying stuff) and there are a few E numbers involved but they may be natural ingredients.....I didn't check that far. It reminded me a little of stollen, German Christmas cake but without the marzipan. May treat myself again sometime......probably in a few months, we've only just finished the Christmas cake!

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  1. BIG ERROR.....That should say 'YEAST' and not 'WHEAT' free....Whoops...I've done it again......!