Saturday, 8 January 2011

Thank You

At the end of last year, Lucy, who writes 'The Kitchen-Maid,' one of my favourite blogs, kindly tagged me. She passed on to me and nine other bloggers, the 'One Lovely Blog Award' that she'd been awarded. You can read who they are here and check out their blogs too.

I feel really chuffed to have been selected by Lucy because I respect her blog so much. Thank you Lucy it really ended my year on a blogger high.

I think that part of accepting this award requires that I answer the following five questions. So here goes.....

1.Where did you learn to cook?

I learned as a little girl at my mother’s elbow, watching her roll out sweet dough and helping her cut fat little scones with an upturned cup.

Then at my mother-in-law’s elbow, pen and pad in hand. She couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak Farsi. Somehow we communicated through the language of food and I learned to make fluffy white rice with a crunchy topping, and chicken with honey and pomegranate sauce.

2. Name three things that are always in your fridge.

Tabasco sauce because it spices anything up.

Harissa because I think it makes everything spiced with it taste like it was made in Marrakesh…even though I’ve never been there!

Mulberry syrup made by my amazing husband from our precious mulberry tree. I eat it on almost anything, sweet or savoury. It’s even yummy with poached eggs on toast! I just love the sweet/sour taste and it’s such a beautiful colour.

3. Tell us about your most memorable meal…

One that stands out I’ve written about before was in a Chestnut lodge in Tuscany, simple food with lovely warm people. You can read about it here it you like.

4. Do you have any food guilty pleasures?

Tomato ketchup and it has to be Heinz. Probably a child-hood throwback.

5. What is your drink of choice?

On Christmas morning Bucks Fizz, usually made with Cava, not Champagne because it’s cheaper and we can’t tell the difference.

Weekend mornings, cups of filter coffee drunk leisurely.

The rest of the time I drink gallons of Pukka three ginger tea which I’m addicted to at the moment. Thankfully it’s supposed to be really good for you.

And now it's time to pay it forward! These are some of the blogs I love reading because of all kinds of different reasons and think definitely deserve an award

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Here is my question for you. All I ask in return is a simple piece of wisdom...a little pearl. It could be a small craft or cookery tip like keeping a magnet in your dress making pin box to pick up clumsy spills...or maybe one for life.

What little bit of advice may be of interest to your other blogger friends?

Now you can pay it forward too.......


  1. You so deserve it! These blog awards are crimes against design but the intention is very honourable. I love your answers to the questions and I still can't get over the fact that you have a mulberry tree. Do you dance around it? x

  2. Thanks so much!! I'll dwell on a 'little pearl' and shall then share away! :)

    Mulberry syrup sounds lovely!! In fact, all your beautiful and thoughtful answers were a delight to read! :)

    PS. I'll let you know when I figure out what wisdom I shall share.

  3. Thanks Lucy. I have to agree with you about the award design.....not exactly my cup of tea! excuse the pun!

    I can't believe we have the tree either. It was tiny when we first moved into the house and has grown with us. Mulberry trees have so much sentimental value to my husband he has fond childhood memories of climbing trees back home to pick the fruit. Relatives still bring sweet white dried mulberries for us. It was like a really good omen when we moved in.

    He He......We haven't danced round it yet....but you never know.....maybe on midsummer's eve.......!

  4. You're welcome Tracey, I love reading your blog.

    I really look forward to hearing your pearl.....when you have time....

  5. Thanks Debby, I've just seen this and-as pathetic as this may sound-it's made my day!
    OK so here's a little pearl I learnt when I worked at a vegetarian restaurant: if you've got teary eyes whilst chopping onions, then place the underneath of your wrists under a running cold tap. After about 30 secs you'll be fine. Something to do with your pressure points. You can thank me once you've tried it!

  6. Hi Miss P,

    Thanks for coming over.

    I'm glad it made your day, It did mine when I got it...

    Cool hint about the onions, I'll definitely try that onions...but hate the crying thing....I'll get back to you and let you know how I get on.....