Thursday, 31 March 2011

Shh....listen the rhubarb's growing....

There is something magical about the notion of listening to the gentle popping sound of rhubarb growing by candlelight. Apparently that's what happens in the Rhubarb Triangle in Yorkshire where ninety percent of the worlds forced rhubarb used to be produced.

We're well into the season for forced rhubarb but according to Monty Don last Friday night, it might not be too late to have a go. The weather has been unseasonably warm and the garden's well and truly waking up. My four small roots of rhubarb have just started to produce little shoots and sprout-like stumps so I decided to force them - don't worry, it sounds aggressive but it's not. It's basically just popping a couple of plant pots over them to keep out the sunlight and produces tender much sweeter, flavourful rhubarb. It doesn't look half as atmospheric as the rhubarb sheds in Yorkshire but hopefully the end result will taste as good!!

I'll let you know...

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