Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Best Mother's Day Ever

This is from ages ago probably two years or older maybe three. I accidentally re-published it today. I can't put it back where it was, but I don't want to delete it but keep the memory of a lovely day. Sorry it's jumped up here. 

Sunday was Mother’s Day and the best one ever. Hannah invited us to London as she had plans for our day. First of all she gave me totally unexpected usual thoughtfully chosen. A carved wooden box made from reclaimed wood to keep my pens and brushes in containing a little natural crystal deodorant free from chemicals...
I still can't bare to take the Christmas snowflakes off the study window...

A Le Creuset Teapot especially chosen to match my favourite old grey Le Creuset pans that she knows I love. I was blown away.
Then we got the tube to Canary Wharf...

and the DLR to Greenwich Market. We’ve been planning to go for ages. We all agreed that it was different from what we’d expected. For some reason we’d all imagined it to be sprawling and open. It was a little bit like a cross between Spitalfields and the Sunday Up Market in Brick Lane...only a bit more hippy and scruffy. It had a really good vibe was busy and bustling.

There were some great shops surrounding it...

...this one with great vintage wares but a tad overly patriotic displays for my liking...IDon't you just love the bloomers on the washing line... And Paper Moon, a Japanese shop with wonderful cut-out paper window displays. We had lunch in an Indian Restaurant on the corner of Turnpin the name couldn't you just imagine Dick Turpin holding up a coach on a lane with a name like that? We toasted mothers and grandmothers with soda or Mango Lassie and ate spicy food... H planned to take us next to John Keat's House in Hampstead but we didn't have time, so went to the Observatory in Greenwich Park. ...synchronised our watches with GMT... ...took in the amazing view of the city from Greenwich Hill.... saw people paying to stand on Greenwich Meridian...but we didn't feel the need to...Learned loads in the Observatory about our solar sytem... and touched a piece of meteorite...
The best bit of all was spending time together and we've still got Keat's House to visit another day which may be less cloudy, then we can take a picnic to eat in the garden.....roll on summer...


  1. Great to see you back here! What a wonderful day you had - I can't believe you packed so much in!

  2. Thanks Rel, it's really good to be back. It was a great day. Fortunately everything was close by so we did manage to squeeze lots in.

  3. Whoops...I mean I can't bear it......

  4. I bet this brought back some nice memories. Sometimes things like this is meant to happen.

  5. Ah thanks it did. It seems silly that it's here all out of context, but iI don't have the heart to delete it and it was good to remember a day that I had forgotten all about. Especially when Hannah's not here at the moment.

  6. You know what Freud would say, there's no such thing as coincidence. Hope you enjoyed re-living this special day.

    How is your poor nose? I've been thinking of you with the terrible floods to contend with too (it's been fire here for my extended family). No wonder you chose that lovely shot of the snowdrops for your "This Moment' post. Hang in there, spring is coming! Cx

  7. I did, thanks Caz.

    My nose is healing fine thanks. It helps that Ahmad thinks it looks cute! We've been very fortunate with the floods as we are on slightly high ground. The main road into town has been closed for ages but there is a back way through if we are desperate. Fortunately we can access most things we need in the opposite direction. Some poor people have really suffered but thankfully everyone has been helping each other and even the government have sent in the forces and are offering compensation to those whose homes or businesses have been affected.

    I hope the fires weren't too much of a problem for your family. One of my nephews and his new wife just returned from Australia last week. There was a bit of a hairy moment when their car broke down in the middle of no-where in extreme heat.

    Seems we are all feeling the effects of global warming...

    It does feel that spring is on the way here. I hope that the climate is comfortable for you and yours too caz.