Friday 22 February 2013

The Edible Garden

My love of Alys Fowler and her Edible garden is no secret. Watching re-runs on the cookery channel, even taping and re-watching them is a carrot-on-a-stick to make me do the ironing when I'd much rather be pottering about in the garden.

If the lovely Alys Fowler can grow enough edible produce for at least one meal a day in her small suburban garden all year round then I feel I should hopefully be able to do so a couple of months a year. So I bought twelve packets of seeds for £1 at a carboot sale last Sunday. Most of them are for salad leaves which germinate really quickly. But hopefully even if I have to grow them on the kitchen window sill to protect them from the garden pests I too will have an all year round supply...

Image via

These aren't my seed packets but they look so much nicer...


  1. oh well done! That sounds like a lovely tv show - hope we get it here!

  2. It is a lovely program inspirational...and Alys Fowler seems so nice...

  3. The Edible Garden sounds like a wonderful show ... I'd be hooked just the same as you.


  4. I do hope you do get it over would definitely be hooked...she wears lots of lovely vintage dresses too....

  5. whoops not sure how this got here...never mind it's nice to be reminded of summer