Monday 9 May 2011

Spring Breakfasts

... Easter holiday photo's made me realise that one of the best things about the holiday, was breakfast! Not just the food...but having a bit more time to spend on leisurely breakfasts and brunches.. .no mad rush to wash the dishes...time to linger over the coffee...and chat with family and friends...
...roll on Summer holidays...

Oh and if you want to make the delicious pikelets that we're eating all the time at the moment you can find the recipe and their interesting story that I think makes them even better here...they are so easy to make and really scrumptious...


  1. ahhh breakfast... best meal of the day... and if you miss it you can always have brinner, which is breakfast for dinner!... best thing ever!

  2. I'm all for cocoa pops for supper Dom!

  3. lovely photos! perfect sprign breakfast: soft boiled egg with asparagus soldiers (or well, broccoli sometimes if not in season..)