Monday, 16 May 2011

Technical Problems

I had a few technical problems last week. Blogger UK closed mid my posting to do some upgrading. When it came back I'd lost some data. It returned soon after only to go down again, this time returning with an apology. Apparently the changes they were trying to implement resulted in the loss but they said it shouldn't be permanent. Unfortunately some comments disappeared from my blog along with my responses. I just wanted to apologise to anyone who noticed that their comments had was nothing to do with subtle editing of your kind words.


  1. Argh, isn't it frustrating? Things are disappearing and reappearing like conjuror's rabbits! Hope you had a nice weekend anyway x

  2. I know ...I kept thinking it was me doing something wrong! It's so frustrating...I have much more patience for people than machines...

    But the weekend was fantastic thanks Lucy...we actual got to what I think may have been some of your old London haunts...

    Don't forget to let me know if you miss anything from here...tea etc...I can happily send things to you...