Wednesday 20 July 2011

Making Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's St Clements Squash

My venture into Elderflower cordial making was so successful that I decided to have a go at Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall's St Clements orange and lemon squash recipe. I'm now totally hooked on squash-making... it's easier than baking a cake!

His recipe makes a really fruity orange/lemon drink using equal parts of lemon and orange juice...I think I may have spotted a minor error in his quantities it should read 500mls of each... My organic juicing box (which was really good value for money) had more oranges than lemons and so my juice had a higher orange/lemon ratio. The resulting squash was so reminded me of orange icelollies we used to have as children. Like with the elderflower cordial once made you dilute to taste and again I found it works really well with tonic water...It reminded me of Britvik orange...I wonder if  they still make it...

Even easier than making squash is pure juice using a juicer.  One of my favourite combinations is:-
one small beetroot, an apple (preferably Royal Gala or Jazz) and a couple of small carrots.

 This makes the most delicious refreshingly sweet start to the day...and the colour is amazing...


  1. I've never really thought of making my own squash before (and heck, I drink gallons of the stuff!) but this looks a super-successful recipe!

  2. You know Kate I hadn't either...I just thought it would be such a faff...but it's much easier than I thought.

    It's great to know what's actually going in to what you drink too...

  3. Yum, yum, yum. Following your previous recommendation about elderflower cordial, I gave it a go (via the pre-made bottled variety) ... oh my, it's so delicious!! (it will be my new summer drink).

    So I shall look to your wisdom on the squash front too. Thanks for the tips.

  4. It is yummy isn't it. Apparently it's really good for staving off colds too...or so I've been told Tracey...