Thursday, 13 October 2011

Yarn Along

I’ve been nursing a bad head cold and so there hasn’t been very much knitting going on this week, and even less reading. But I downloaded a free pattern for little knitted pumpkins last week that I discovered linked over to yarn along and couldn’t resist starting to make one as soon as I felt better. You can find the pattern for the Jack be little pumpkin designed by Elizabeth Murphy on the sitting tree blog and also on ravelry

...As for reading...I've just been browsing some of my old October editions of Martha Stuart Living to look at her great Halloween decoration ideas and start to plan mine...we checked out pumpkins at Peach Croft Farm at the weekend but they aren't quite ready for harvesting yet.

But at least I've finished one of these little ones...

I also bought this grey felting wool at the haberdashers for these Tiny Owl Knits Hopsalot Bunny Slippers that H asked me to make for her. You just wash in the machine at 40degrees after knitting to felt them.
They don't look much yet but once felted and have their ears, eyes and nose you'll see how cute they are. They are very simple to make, they just take an evening to knit up. Here's what they should look like when finished image via 

...hopefully show you H's next week...


  1. I love that little pumpkin (and the bunny slippers). We love Halloween too! It's not really celebrated in Australia but we have a lovely American neighbour who has started a great tradition in our street. Unfortunately his and his family are moving so this will be our last year together. Next year it will be all up to us!

  2. They are really cute patterns. I'm dying to felt the slippers to see what if they look as good as the pattern...

    Halloween has become incredibly popular here. But I do think it depend's where you live. I have friends in parts of London who have never seen trick or treaters...

    ...There are a lot of families with children living in my road and they know it's safe to knock at anyone's house as long as it's decorated or has a candle or pumpkin in the window or porch...the tiny children have older siblings or parents tagging along close by...

    I want to dress up as a witch this year with a black hat and stripy Sandra Bullock in the final scene from "Practical Magic"...I love that film...

  3. The pumpkin is gorgeous and the bunny slippers adorable. I wouldn't mind a pair myself - just a shame that I can't knit well.

  4. These are a really simple pattern to make Shaheen with no complicated stitches involved. They have a one bunny rating on the pattern for how difficult they are to make. You just make all the bits up separately wash them in too felt up the wool and then stitch them together.