Friday, 23 December 2011

Awesome Free Projects

I've just found the instructions including template for these cosy felt slippers on Martha Stewart's website...if only I'd found them a few weeks ago...

...and then a link to a family tree project caught my attention because I've just started working on can print out an awesome free print of New York artist Melinda Beck's Giving Tree or make the Birds of a Feather Family Tree. What a fantastic family project.   

...and a fingerless glove pattern after I'd spend ages developing my own...

...I'm definitely going to have a go at that felt bag...

I wish I'd found these earlier...Never mind there's always next year. 


  1. in love with that felt bag too. please do share if you make it!!

  2. How lovely!! The felt bag and fingerless gloves are definitely two I'd love to try ... though I wonder if my non-crafty hands will let me achieve success? ;)

  3. I'll definitely share when I get around to making it Shu Han...

    ...and Tracey I think that the bag should be really simple to make as there is a very clear template, and because it's made from felt which doesn't fray just needs one row of stitching..