Wednesday 14 December 2011 I pluck a pheasant?

I don't eat red meat (but will prepare it for those who do) and reason that it's because it comes from mammals, and I'm a mammal.  I also have reasoned that I could, if forced to, kill a fish or a chicken in order to eat it, but not a mammal.  Then 'A' brought home a brace of pheasants that his friend who also supplies us with amazing hen's eggs, had shot.    

The brace was an actual pair... a couple one male one female...and both so beautiful with amazing luscious shiny feathers. I just felt awful that a whole little family had been wiped out for our supper (or maybe more...they are quite big) made me feel really guilty about eating any kind of meat.   

It also reminded me of when we had goldfish.  It was after Iranian new year when one of the seven items beginning with 'S' gathered to celebrate the year ahead are fish, specifically goldfish.   I inherited two  from a friend who couldn't look after them when the celebrations were over (I just made paper ones for us).  I named them 'Fish' and 'Chips.'  I loved coming down in the morning and seeing my little fish swimming on the table in a big glass dish.  They would come up for food as soon as I came into the room.   Then one day there was an Amelie moment except I lost my little Fish...and so I emancipated Chips into next door's pond...I hope they didn't mind? probably sounds very silly but it was an amazingly sad day...

...I had that same sad feeling when I opened the bag with the pheasants inside and it made me wonder whether or not I could kill a fish or chicken to eat? 

 It also reminded me of a conversation about Organic food I had with someone recently, who thought that maybe we are sometimes a bit too obsessed with the condition of our food whilst lots of people in the continent where she was born are starving, and don't have any food to eat...If I was starving would I   have the same predicament?   But one problem isn't going to solve the other... you see my dilemma?  


  1. Yikes! Those birdies are beautiful I don't eat meat because I know I couldnt kill any animals! Good luck with those! *s*

  2. I know how you feel... I think I'm getting to the point where I might not even be able to do the fish and chicken thing...