Friday, 24 February 2012

Fridge Forage Friday - Egg Fried RIce

Tasty friday night supper, made when a quick fridge and freezer forage revealed left over boiled rice, lovely eggs from friends' chickens, odds and ends of vegetables including shiitake mushrooms and frozen prawns.

It's this easy: 

1. Just defrost the prawns and then simply stir-fry the vegetables.

2. Add the rice,making sure that it's thoroughly heated through. 

3. Season with Tamari or soy sauce. 

4. Add the prawns in the last few minutes, ensuring that they are cooked properly. 

5. If using frozen peas, cook in boiling for a few minutes and then drain.

6. Finally add the peas and beaten egg. Cook and stir through the rice. 

7. Check seasoning and then dish up.  Simple and tasty.

A chance to use my cute new Japanese cups and Hinoke wood candle that smells amazing, thanks to nephew and girlfriends' lovely Christmas gift. Thanks D and M.

...A great start to the weekend...


  1. My kiddos love when I make fried rice. It is really such an easy yet pleasing meal, which can only be enhanced by kind gifts.

    1. Thanks Heather. It was a yummy supper and I agree I'm so sentimental about objects...not materialistic just small things that have meaning when they remind me of family and friends or happy memories...

  2. Yum! I love fried rice ... such a simple, comforting meal, and so often full of flavour.

    PS. Your candle looks lovely.

  3. Thanks Tracey...the candle smells amazing too...