Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Belated weekending

The weekend seems ages ago now...but it was a good one. We:

  • Dashed to London on Friday evening to say a quick goodbye to sister-in-law whose returning to Iran much too soon for our liking...but promises to come back soon.
  • Saturday morning back in the village we urban foraged hard sour greengages.  
  • Tended our garden, amazed at how late everything is and how much has been eaten but glad that at least one heritage Russian Black Tomato plant is still in tact because it was a gift from a good friend.
  • Spotted a grass snake and dragon flies and was pleased with my wild life photos until I saw this one...and then these!
  • Ate sweet melon.
  • Welcomed H and B back from good to see their lovely faces...
  • Accepted their gift of chocolate and began planning to make a big cake with it...
  • Spent Sunday catching up with H recount her holiday tales
  • Completed the circle Sunday evening driving  H back to London for work on Monday....Then home again tucked up in bed by 2am...a busy but happy weekend...
I hope that yours was good too... I'm a bit late joining over here for other week-endings....


  1. sounds like a lovely weekend. especially the gift of chocolate - yum! and your big tote bag in the top pic looks perfect for the market. did you make it yourself?

    1. It was amanda...thanks. The bag is a lovely linen one made by one of my sisters. It's not very big but very useful...especially for urban foraging! I might ask her to make me a bigger one. She makes all kinds of lovely things and runs back making workshops too. Her websites down at the moment undergoing a bit of a re-design but I'll post the link as soon as it's up and running again.

  2. what a busy busy weekend, but a lovely one! how do you urban forage greengages? I would love to get me some free greengages too heh!

    1. Everything seems a bit hectic at the moment Shu of those months.

      Urban foraging is so much fun...we have lots of fruit trees planted on public land close to where we's called a village but is not to far from Oxford town centre and is now more of a suburb. The greengages were tantalisingly hanging from trees on a little passage short-cut through to the shops. They are still much too sour for me...I prefer them to be much riper. My husband is Iranian and this is how he likes to eat can find them in Iranian food shops in London at the moment called Gojeh or sour plums.

      Alys Fowler's Thrifty Forager is a great guide or there are groups that you can join.

      Here is a link to some in London...

      There may be one near you Shu Han.

  3. Some weekends are like that, aren't they? They kind of rush by quickly, yet at the same time they're filled with all sorts of things ... then when they're over it feels like they happened so long ago.

    There is much loveliness in your world ... and just look at that wildlife! Your garden is filled to the brim ... and that is wonderful in itself. I love the look of that chocolate! (I hope you share how your cake turned out). xx

    1. ...Rapidly the month is becoming like that Tracey...full of extra work which is good...but lots of fun thing too...

      The chocolate is still secreted in the cupboard...I can't bear to unwrap it yet..the packaging is so lovely...I will share as soon as I do though...