Monday, 15 October 2012


Saturday the sun shone brightly and a homely pottering day began with filter coffee and Panatone.  'A' had tons of marking to do and I was actually in the mood to do some housework. It was more like Spring than Autumn as I hung out washing in the garden listening to the sound of children playing in the woods. 

Our lovely Father Christmas-doppelganger car mechanic friend called by, returning A's car plus new gear box, clutch, massive bill, and his latest CD that he said would soften the blow...It made us giggle...I must find him on youtube for you...I had no idea he was a singer. The bill was big...much bigger than his estimate so it seems that we definitely won't be getting away at half term as hoped but at least A's got his car back.

Afternoon we did a spot of produce shopping and quick root round the French Market in Abingdon before we got rained off with a sudden shower  that just gave us time to dash and collect the final yarn for my sweater... I might actually be wearing it next weekend. ..hurrah...

Sweet 'A' gave me a rest from cooking and made his famous Ghormeh sabzi with Persian rice and yoghurt for supper. H arriving back from a Slash gig in London the night before just in time for dishing up, before heading off to a birthday party. 

Sunday a lazy morning, we got up a bit later than usual and then watched the first two episodes of The Paradise on iplayer...not the most amazing drama but perfect sunday viewing, gentle in the way  of Larkrise to Candleford, even boasting some of the same cast members. 

One of A's students arrived  at lunch time for a tutorial after he'd made us all one of this famous pizza's (again...I'm being totally spoilt...unless he's trying to tell me something about my cooking...) then just before supper we drove to Sandford lock and sat by the river drinking ginger beer and watching someone sailing overhead on a hang glider...a motorised one that was zooming along quite fast. We all decided we'd love to have a go too...oh and buy a boat. Actually A's student promised to buy him one when he gets rich before we dropped him off at the station...which was really sweet of him and probably at least ten times more likely to happen than for us to get rich...

...Supper then the last episode of this we all want to live there oh and take a holiday here.

Oh and I wrote about this weekend too ages ago and forgot to post it...I don't want to forget this lovely weekend either...

This was how a week ended at the bank holiday. Discovering open space in the middle of the city. Collecting wild sloe berries to make sloe gin. Another  running around after our tails busy weekend. Sorting out the garage and more carbooting. Painting outdoor walls and doors before the weather breaks. Running outdoors barefooted to capture the reddest sky ever, before it disappeared Saturday night. 

Hope yours was good sharing with Amanda again at the The habit of being...oh and looking out for her new magazine for thought...


  1. When I get to not cook I am thrilled! It's like a vacation. Thanks for the tv recommendations. I'll have to look them up. That first photo you posted is stunning!

    1. I know Karen, I'm so lucky that my husband loves cooking too and finds it relaxing to do a bit at the weekend.

      Thanks for the comment about the photo..luck again, the sky was amazing, perfect light for photographing.

  2. those clouds!!! so amazing.

    and anytime i get a break from cooking is a good thing. rare but always welcome.

    1. I hope you get one soon deserve it with all your hard work.

  3. I am so excited to see your sweater Debby! I wish I could wear mine,but it's still to warm here!
    Okay,I have to ask, what is a bank holiday? Does that mean everyone has off? I have seen the term before, but really don't know why it is celebrated.

  4. It's nice to have it to look forward to when you begin to get that chill in the air Tracey.

    All the National holidays over here are also called Bank Holidays and the banks actually close on those days. All the businesses and shops used to as well, which was nice because it meant that everyone except the emergency services actually had a holiday. A bit like with Sunday trading...that used to be banned too but now a lot of places are open on Sundays, mostly with restricted shopping hours though. Originally they would have all been holy days which I suppose is where the term 'holiday came from.' I hope that helps a bit...I know I always wonder about Labor day...

    All these little differences are so interesting...