Wednesday 3 February 2010

The Zen Sushi Bar in Portobello Road

Im mad about sushi but don't have it very often so it's a real treat when I do. I love the restaurants that have those cute little conveyor belts carrying the food around. The last time I met H in Portobello Road to go shopping we couldn't resist going in The Zen Sushi Bar with it's retro decoration and obligatory conveyor belt. We had the most delicious soft shelled crab sushi which looks a bit scary but was amazing. I also tried the omelette sushi which was melt in the mouth. I had to order chrysanthemum tea, just because it sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland and it actually tasted good too. Even though H didn't have any, you can see that she was impressed too.

We've decided to try and have a go at making some ourselves....we'll keep you informed..just watch this space.....

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