Sunday 14 March 2010

Nice blogs

It has become a bit of a treat on a Sunday morning to indulge myself in an hour discovering new foodie blogs. Last week looking online at the Times fifty best food blogs I came across one called Gluten Free Girl...It initially caught my attention because I have a niece with a gluten intolerance.  I then got drawn in by the author Shauna's honesty and humour. So I'm now a follower.

A posting on her blog this week introduce me to yet another called Tartalette. It's author Helen Dujardin (amazing name) was a French pastry chef and is now living in Charleston South Carolina. It all sounds so romantic and conjures up images of ladies wearing billowing white gowns, sipping mint juleps in the sprawling gardens of rambling Southern Mansion...In reality her life is probably nothing like that, but she takes, and posts, the most amazing photographs ever on really worth looking at.

Helen was recently named on a Forbes interview list of eight of the best food blogs...I had to check it out and came across another that had the pull. It's Joy Wilsons, Joy the Baker at As is often the case it's the name of the blog that attracts me then the images and if the writing is good or amusing and honest that's when I get really hooked.

I have pinched the above image from Joy's blog I hope she doesn't mind there aren't any copyright messages on her blog and I just couldn't resist. I definitely recommend looking at her blog as she has all the above and is definitely worth looking at as well as all the others.

My final mention is one that I discovered when I was looking at some of the comments on Joy's blog. An enthusiastic mum had made a comment and couldn't help but mention her daughters new food blog on catchy name and really clear photos and her cakes are so neat.....they really put mine to shame.....I don't know how she does it........

oh and you must look at too

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