Thursday 11 March 2010

No-rooz Preparation for Iranian New Year

Just as much, if not more preparation is put into No-rooz literally new day the annual celebration of the Iranian New Year as we put into Christmas. It's actually the marking of the exact moment when the earth passes the vernal equinox or in layman's terms the exact astronomical beginning of Spring......I can't think of a better reason to celebrate!

The No-rooz table is traditionally decorated with Haft Seen or 'seven S's' seven symbolic objects that begin with the letter S.
One of the 'S's' is sabzi, green herbs grown specially for the occasion. I used brown lentils .......I wish I'd started them off a little earlier as they aren't as lush as I would have liked....I also wish I'd time lapse videoed them, that would have been fun. Oh well there's still a few days to go........I'll keep you updated with the other six items and special food for the celebration.

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