Friday 28 May 2010

Apple-pie Order

It was our wedding anniversary on Tuesday and the Russian Pendant that I'd been hinting for turned out to be an Apple iMac! I was blown away!

In honour of the new arrival I decided that my tiny study/studio needed a good sorting out. I also decided that I wanted to make it look less utilitarian and a little more feminine. I think I was more than a tad influenced by Sophie Dahl's amazing kitchen set on The Delicious Miss Dahl, with it's luscious green floral wallpaper.
Lovely wallpaper like that belonging to the lovely Miss Dahl is extrememly expensive and I had already been indulged much more than I deserved.

So I did a bit of do-it-yourself wallpaper making. I cut up a William Morris calender printed by the V & A Museum and made a patch-work floral wall section, that satisfied my feminine, floral need.

A little over-the-top? Well maybe....but it's only blue-tacked....I can soon take it down.......


  1. Oh Deb, that 'wallpaper' is amazing. What a great idea. We have just recently made a momumental decision to stay in our little house rather than move to a bigger one so renovations and re-decorating are on the agenda here too.

  2. I've loved William Morris designs since I was a teenager when I was also obsessed with the Pre-Raphaelites. Although they're not always fashionable.

    You'll have fun re-decorating. It's good to sometimes change things round and mix things up a bit. I get tempted every-so-often to do a 'Charleston' on the house and paint every surface I can find.......I haven't succumbed yet!