Friday 11 June 2010

The Cloth Shop - Portobello Road

It's only the third time that I've been to Portobello Road (last Friday) and I don't think I could visit without at least the tiniest peek inside The Cloth Shop.
This time it was even more fun because I met up with one of my sisters who was in town from Chester on a fabric buying spree. I had an excuse to spend a little longer than usual discovering what amazing delights were on offer.
There's always lots to tempt me. The fabrics are natural and sourced from all over the world. They have beautiful Swedish linen, vintage Hungarian grain sacks, Indian cushions and silks, cashmere and wool, vintage Welsh blankets. All sorts of lovely materials.

The window display always succeeds in drawing me across Portobello Road.
And the door is usually ajar and so I just have to go in. Even though it's usually jam packed with customers and there isn't much space because it's full of roll upon roll of delicious material, but I always manage to squeeze in.
Sam and Alex who have been running the shop for seventeen years are mines of information when it comes to cloth and patiently take time with each customer, however small their purchase.

They have a lovely website on and even do a mail order service.

Oh and we got a sneaky bit of news that French Elle Magazine are doing a spread on them as one of those little hidden gems secreted away......I'll try to track it down

I'm sorry I can't make any of the links work but I am trying ............:0(


  1. I envy you with those lovely shops to browse in. So many little treasures! I especially love the little box filled with buttons, nice display.

  2. Thanks Alysha Jane, I'm fortunate to have such an abundant source of delicious vintage things not too far away. It's given me so much inspiration for lovely things I want to make for the summer.....