Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Give Away

I mentioned last week that I'd had a whisper about a giveaway for somebody over on my other blog making dens.But I don't want anyone over here to miss out. So I'm going to keep you up-to-date.

I'm very excited because it's from a company who sell the most amazing cookware, kitchen appliances, furniture and lighting. They are offering me a chance to give away a forty pound gift voucher to one of my readers in the UK, America or Canada. Today I've been looking at some of the amazing cookware they sell. I found some lovely things. Too many, so I'll try and show you a few each day. The lucky person may decide to buy a few small items, or one big one or maybe a set of pans or even put it towards something really special like the cast-iron tagines from Le Creuset.

I think I have a bit of a thing for Le Creuset and I know it's a little expensive but it does last a life time. I've had a grey oval casserole for at least ten years and still love it, it polishes up like new. I would just love this cast iron tagine, although I'd find it really hard to decide which colour to choose.
And I think this granite wok is just so elegant.

I just love these Emile Henry Flame Ceradon 26cm clay Pots in black or red......I can't decide which I like best!

But you can have a look for yourself on one of their sites just click here if you'd like a little browse.


  1. Hey Debbie, I've searched and searched - how and where do I enter the giveaway please?

  2. oh Cherie, I'm so sorry about that. I hope you didn't spend too much time! I haven't posted it yet! I was just trying to make sure that no-one over here missed out when it does go on the other blog, so I've just been preparing everyone.

    I'll probably write it today or tomorrow. I'll make sure that there's time for everyone to enter but will email or write a comment on your blog if you like to let you know as soon as it goes on?

    This is my first give-away so I'm new to the procedure. Sorry again.

    I hope you have a fun day, Deb