Wednesday 23 June 2010

A Perfect Week

The awesome weekend made way for an amazing week.

It's 28 degrees and I've been working in the garden.....pen and ink work under the mulberry tree......the honeysuckle smells gorgeous......
Everything is in fruit and the birds have even spared us a few cherries...
H is back properly for the summer and we've had fun cooking together......
She cooked up Nepalise pepper, chilli and onion, chips.....very hot with scotch bonnet pepper to recreate a breakfast dish she'd had in Nepal the summer before last.
Whilst I pan-fried fish or chops.


  1. Oh WOW everything looks totally beautiful! Thrilled to have found you, love your blogs!

  2. Your garden is just so beautiful. Glad you're having such a lovely week. You are posting so quickly that my commenting is falling behind but rest assured I read (and enjoy)every word!

  3. Thank you so much Cherie, I love your blog too, it always has such a mixture of interesting looks like you live in an amazing part of the world.

  4. Thanks Caz. We were just walking in the garden before breakfast this morning and saying how we much we appreciate having it. It's really wild but we love it. I think that, along with my family keep me sane.... well nearly!

    I have posted a lot this week. I've not had the pressure of a sale or show so have been taking things a bit easy. I'm sure I won't be able to keep this pace up, I love doing it but it really does eat up a lot of time.

    Thanks for your comments about my writing. Only yesterday I was wondering if I do babble on a bit too much. Sometimes it's thoughtful and well edited but more often than not it isn't...I'll keep going until someone tells me to stop.....feel free to be that person.

    Have a good day,