Sunday 18 July 2010

A Sunday Smile

We've had some fantastic, fun, busy weekends recently and I think the next month will be just as busy. We were really hankering for one of those nice slow ones, like we used to have a few months ago. You know the ones where we used to make coffee and then take it in the garden, even into the woods. Then bake some bread and leisurely do the chores and potter about the house and garden. It seemed ages since we'd had one like that.

I'm even baring a few scars of hectic life. Like two long, neat ones across the front of each shin where a red hot baking tray slipped out of the oven and my grasp, only to be stopped by my legs thus branding me, hopefully not for life! I can still hear the sizzling sound. And a stubbed toe that swelled into a small grape after I missed the doorway and ran into the door! Thankfully not broken..... Too much rushing about....

So a slightly slower pace was called for this weekend. Friday had the best start. First of all comfort food for supper. Made better by the fact that it was mostly produced in the garden. A yummy courgette, herb risotto with Persian sheeps cheese, brought by my sister-in-law from Iran. Even better when the summer rain is running down the window, but you know it's soon going to brighten up and you're curled up on the sofa eating it from a bowl. Accompanied by darling daughter home for the summer, but soon off on travels; and watching a new Studio Ghibli film together which also involves lots of rain but also lots of cosy happy moments.

Saturday catching up on all those little hand-stitching, shortening trousers, stitching on buttons that I kept promising everyone I'd do, but never seemed to have the time to. Whilst I was actually watching TV, a double bill. The Man Who Moves Buildings and Monster Moves, Mammoth Mansions. I don't know why I love those programs so much. I think it's a mixture between the lovely old buildings and the fact that they're being re-used, and Vancouver Island.....I just love that landscape. Then for a bit of basic food shopping followed by an indulgent but short read of my new favourite cookbook given to me by one of my lovely sisters. But more in detail about that another day. Which resulted in this delicious supper dish. Poached egg on Portobello mushroom with goats cheese. Oh and even more tv, an episode of Lewis with lovely Lawrence Fox....I have a really soft spot for him.
Then Sunday....lovely Sunday......replaying A Sunday Smile by Beirut over and over again ...which can't help but put a smile on my face all day....and coffee, but not in the's tooo cold today.

Must go now...loads to do.........


  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely time. I can't say I will be having a weekend like that any time soon but it's nice to read others have been having a little bit of down time and I know my time will come again.

  2. It was lovely Katie. I hope yours comes sooner rather than later.