Sunday 1 August 2010

Bargain Basement

We were doing jobs in London this weekend but I managed a bit of time in Ikea whilst A was tutoring a friend's son. So not only did I have an indulgent quiet coffee, which was free with my family card, and carrot cake, whilst reading a book on interiors that was fortuitously left on the table. I also got some bargains.

It's my mission to visit the bargain corner before doing anything else in Ikea. But then re-visit it as many times as I can during the duration of my trip. I learned this lesson a couple of weeks ago. I always pop in there first and load up a basket with any real bargains, not broken cups, just things on my list that I'm looking for, and need. For myself or things I know friends, or family, are looking for. Then phone to check if I should get them, or If I'm meeting them in the store, reconnoitre, to show them the treasures.

Usually everything is wanted, but last month I joined two of my sister-in-law's with goodies that I thought they might like. This time I didn't quite get it right. For a second I was tempted to just leave the unwanted items by the cash desk when we paid. Then my conscience kicked in, I felt bad. One of the staff would have to take the items back and someone might miss out on the bargain. So I left my friends and trailed back to the bargain corner.

Good effort was rewarded. On returning I found a black work lamp that wasn't there before. It was similar to one we'd bought a couple of years ago and really still like. It was something I really needed as mine had just broken and it was only £4.99 as it was X-display!!

So my journeys there now consist of circumventory trips collecting bargains. This time I had a real coup. A beautiful hand-made pure wool blanket. It's woven in grey and cream stripes, the natural colours of the wool, no nasty chemical dyes involved. I had lovingly looked at those little rugs every time, on every recent visit. But at £29.99 decided that I should leave it and also thought I should really get a recycled one. I was thrilled to bits to find a bargain one for £5. And as they were sorting out the textile section, some much needed new bedding at equally bargain prices.....and it was kind-of second hand.

The blanket will be perfect for the little wicker sofa in the front room, whose grey mohair blanket has seen better days....although it will be lovingly re-used somewhere else in the house.

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