Thursday 12 August 2010

Gloucester Green Antique Market.

I think there was a new stall on Gloucester Green yesterday with an old wind-up gramaphone playing LP's from the 1920's! Very atmospheric. It was like something out of I capture the castle or The Great Gatsby! I really controlled my shopping but couldn't resist buying this one thing. A leather gentleman's shaving set for A. It was only £2! and in perfect condition.

It looks like an un-used gift. It hadn't even had the makers tag removed. Everything is in immaculate condition. A little Gillette razor blade still un-opened. I just had to buy it. It took me right back to my childhood and all the neat little boxes that I used to like peaking inside in my grandfather's dressing table drawers when I was a tiny little girl.

As usual there was lots of vintage fabric and lace.

Ann Jenkins - The Recycloanalyst was there this week with her collection of lovingly restored watches made into beautiful bracelets. I'm not a great jewellery fan but these are really beautiful. I love the concept of giving new life to something that's broken or forgotten.

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