Monday 16 August 2010

Less is more unless it's chocolate- or how to make Nigella's cornflake crispies

The thing I love about Nigella Lawson is that she's so honest. She reveals all her little secret stashes, like the chocolate one, which actually isn't that little! and the liqueur one, and the pigs ears in the freezer (not my idea of a treat!) The cheating jars of sauces and rum soaked raisins she keeps in the pantry for unexpected visitors. She tells you that she's clumsy and untidy, and a little bit lazy, and that she carries a tiny bottle of tabasco sauce in her handbag, because like me she loves hot food.

I've got three of her recipe books How to be a Domestic Goddess, Nigella Express and Nigella's Christmas. I like looking through them, they have a kind of 1950's nostalgia to them. I can't honestly say that I've made many of her recipes apart from a Carolean omelette spiked with lots of hot chili and served in warm flat bread.

The exception is when it comes to the kind of tray bakes and cakes you make for children's parties. Things like rocky road and cupcakes. So when trying to satisfy H's current chocolate craving and needing a retro recipe for those little chocolate cornflake cakes, I was positive that Nigella, as a true domestic goddess would have one. She didn't disappoint. If you feel in need of a similar old school, chocolaty, syrupy treat you can find the recipe on page 117 of How to be a Domestic Goddess in the section entitled Children. Or click on this link here for ones in which she actually uses Toblerone. Not for every day consumption.

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