Wednesday 25 August 2010

Saturday in Sussex

This is Saturday with the images all kind of backwards! An awesome day. After breakfast a drive into Chichester to catch the Surreal Friends in Mexico:Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Katie Homer exhibition at the Pallant House Gallery, which is an amazing juxtaposition of old and New Buildings. I'd been hankering to go to Charleston, but by the second and third time most of the others had had their fill, and so they arranged this special itinerary instead, which was really cool. I've posted some images about it over here.

We were treated to yummy lunch at Maison Blanc, goats cheese and spinach quiche with salad. Then on to Bosham a lovely little village on the coast. I apologise for posting too many images but it is just so beautiful and calming. And this is my happy place. I could have stayed for hours. We found a lovely old brick house by the water's edge, well I say water, the tide was out, but a high one was heading in that night. It even had cute wooden drain pipes! Visited the old church and looked at what is reputedly the grave of Canute's daughter inside the chapel. Wandered through the village and photographed the unusual half-walled doors and garden entrances. Stopped at the Anchor Bleu pub and had a drink as the sun went down.

Then back home for supper, (recepies to follow) and sat talking in front of a roaring log the immortal words of Pop Larkin......."perfect"...........mmm


  1. England really is just ridiculously beautiful isn't it? I can certainly understand why this is you happy place and never apologise for putting up too many photos -they're all lovely!

  2. it is lovely in Bosham, so unspoilt.....