Friday, 17 September 2010

The Edible Garden

I can't get over what an amazing crop of apples we've got on our three little trees this year. Especially when I remember what they looked like when we first brought them home from the nursery.

We spotted them in the bargain plants section. They looked very forlorn. They weren't beautifully symmetrical with nice straight trunks, but all lopsided and higgeldy piggeldy, so they'd been segregated from all the 'pretty' trees. It was a bit like the scene from the episode of friends where Pheobe feels sorry for all the ugly little Christmas trees that get left behind. These trees were definitely the runts of the litter......... but look how they've turned out!

One has produced beautiful big sour green Bramleys, another is a kind of Russet with thick golden tinged skin and lovely sweet/sour flavour. The other I think is Granny Smith and so not so flavourful and the fruit has a slight problem with some brown spots, but they can be used in apple pies or chutney. I'm so glad that we bought those little trees....I think they cost £1.50 each and just look how they've rewarded us................

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