Monday 13 September 2010

I've got some new geek glasses. The ones I really wanted were Channel and cost £300! They were beautiful and I would have looked like a million dollars in them. But that's because they almost cost a million dollars! But then I spotted the ones for me. Calling me over from the other side of the shop. They were in the men's section and looked like a cross between those worn by Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird and Spencer Tracy in Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

...I hope they don't make me look like a middle-aged man.......

....well they are only for reading, and I love them.....and 'A' thinks they look cute....oh and I can see what I'm reading now.....


  1. Thank you, this post has cheered me up no end (and I'm sure you don't look like a middle-aged man!)

  2. Thanks for your comment Lucy, I often wonder if I ramble a bit too much over here, so I'm really glad to hear that it cheered you up!

    Hope you have a good day.

  3. Love the specs & the layout or map like art work behind them looks fab too - have you done this?

    Hope everyone is well. Love Beth x

  4. Thanks Beth. No it's not mine, it's actually an old blueprint that dad did.

    We're all good thanks, hope you all are too and that Wilf's settling down in school. X