Thursday 23 September 2010

Mulberry Syrup

Once we'd had fun harvesting all the mulberries last weekend and most of them had been eaten, or packed away in the freezer to make sorbet when I have time; 'A' decided to make some syrup. It will be amazing served with home made vanilla ice cream or with sponge cake.

He just placed the mulberries in a saucepan and added a little water and sugar. I can't give exact proportions here because it depends on the ripeness of the fruit. This will affect both the moisture content and the sweetness. It's really a matter of taste. So just add a little water and check the consistency as you go along, doing the same with the sugar. Once the fruit is softened and cooked through so that the berries have basically melted into the sauce and become a puree, add a little arrowroot mixed with cold water. Stir it well into the mixture to avoid lumps and continue to do so until the sauce is slightly, thicker but still transparent.

Then strain to remove the tiny pips and place in a sterilised bottle whilst still warm. Cool down and then refrigerate until required. You never know when an empty Vodka bottle will come in handy!

This is a great ingredient to build up all kinds of interesting autumn deserts.....I'll post some ideas later.......mmmm....... to go....I can smell burnt apples and I've got a cake in the oven...........:o{

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