Saturday 25 September 2010

Let's Make Up

Why is it that some people take five minutes to put on their make up and they end up looking like Audrey Hepburn fresh out of the makeup studio, whilst, to be precise...spend hours and end up looking like a panda! I just can't do that liquid eyeliner thing even in the best of circumstances. But give 'H' a lift somewhere by car early in the morning and she carefully lines her beautiful big blue eyes whilst I'm driving over the speed bumps, petrified that she's going to blind herself!

One thing I can do though is make this really simple eye cream full of natural ingredients:

ps excuse the unusual spelling of tomato paste..

Thankfully I've found two make-up tutorials that may help prevent my makeup sessions ending up with me looking like something out of Tim Burton's latest picture book.

You can link to a video jug lesson How to do 1950's Retro Make-Up Like Audrey Hepburn or watch the following YouTube one:


  1. What a treat this post is! I'm a big Audrey fan but like you I'm a bit of a 'panda eyes' kind of gal. I'm not sure what the problem is but eyeliner and even mascara seem to simply melt on me. I did spend most of the 90s wearing retro liquid eyeliner (the solid block kind with a separate brush)but I'm afraid I've given up the fight!

  2. Thank you Caz

    Ooh I might try the solid block kind....maybe that will be a little easier to apply.....

    I think the secret is to have someone else do it for you....Audrey probably spent hours in hair and make-up before any shoot!

  3. Lovely post - I think there must be a gene for being able to apply liquid eyeliner, some of us have got it and some of us (like me) just haven't!

  4. I love Holly Golightly... I can relate to her in a lot of ways. Your posts are very interesting. I will try the eye creme. I have been so tired lately, it's hard to hide. And the Holly Golightly Cocktail sounds yummy!